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Upgrade has been applied

By: unknown

Today we made some improvements on the website regarding a back-end and front-end code. We are clearly not satisfied enough with our website so the good news is that we will keep upgrading our code. This means that we will frequently add new functionalities and improve the layout.

We have a lot of ideas and are already working on some of them.

Hello World

As you can see right now you are reading our blog where many things will be published . We will talk about everything that is realted to the movies (reviews, news, actors, directors, etc.), post torrent news, discuss some general news, publish our video reviews and also one of the most important things, we will talk about security. Practically we will try to make clear how to anonymously download torrents and keep our website visitors and anyone who will read this blog safe. This update also features several bug fixes and new options. Important notes are listed below.


Introduce in changes we applyed today:

  • Logo change
  • Navigation and logo are now corectly centered
  • Blue border from page body has been removed
  • Movie names under posters will no longer run out of frame
  • Added new order filters at search (size descending, year descending, Z-A , most downloaded)
  • Added blog section
  • Minor changes in back-end code


Sneak peak in some of the next changes:

  • update, change and fix mobile layout
  • implement user system
  • add comment system


Thanks to everyone for using our website, for the great support and for all the comments that you post on our social networks. We will keep doing our best to make this website easy to use and provide quality content for our visitors.